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Dear Fellow Iqbalians,

It is my distinct privilege to serve as the President of our alumni association for 2017 and I would like to wish you all a happy new year. This is a special year for AIMCAANA as we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary. The theme of this year’s AIMCAANA agenda will be inclusivity of the membership, improving collaborations with APPNA projects/committees and further our commitment to projects at our alma mater. I welcome you all to the AIMCANNA platform in an effort to build on the remarkable efforts of my predecessors in this role. I will be counting on strong participation and leadership from all the members to realize our short term and long term objectives.

I had a very productive meeting with AIMC Principal Prof. Dr. Mahmood Shaukat in November 2016 in which we had discussed several issues, the foremost of which was the development of the integrated curriculum and faculty training plans to enable World Federation of Medical Education accreditation. As some of you may know, AIMC needs to go through the WFME accreditation process to enable that future AIMC graduates continue to have their medical degrees recognized by international GME organizations (such as ECFMG, GMC-UK, etc.). Another important long-term project will be to help improve the research training and infrastructure at AIMC for medical students and junior faculty bearing in mind the socioeconomic restraints of Pakistan. We are in the process of formalizing a memorandum of understanding that will enable this long-term collaboration. To this end, I will strongly encourage interested members to contact me and become willing/active members of the newly formed AIMCAANA Academic and Research Committee (ARC). This committee will also liaise with the APPNA RESA efforts.

Just as in previous years, we are committed to ongoing, successful programs such as the Jinnah Allama Iqbal Diabetes and Endocrinology (JAIDE) unit, ongoing support for free medicine, AIMCAANA MERIT awards to top AIMC graduates, IQBAL Loan project for graduates seeking GME in the US, etc. To ensure the ongoing success of these projects, we are forming two new committees – the Membership Engagement Committee (MEC) under the leadership of Dr. Hassan Majid (Treasurer, AIMCAANA 2017) and the Fund-raising Committee under the leadership of Dr. Naveed Zafar. We will continue the IQBAL Loan Committee under the leadership of Immediate Past-President AIMCAANA Dr. Shahram Malik.

Given the increased breath of activities within APPNA and other chapters (YPC, subspecialty, etc.), we are also forming an APPNA Liaison Committee to improve cooperation and avoid redundancy of effort. I am requesting Dr. Shahzad Iqbal (President-Elect 2017) to lead this effort. The scope of this committee is fairly broad and dependent on AIMCAANA members who want to participate. This will be especially

important as APPNA rolls out various community and public service initiatives under the leadership of our very own Dr. Sajid Chaudhry (President APPNA 2017).

We will also be introducing more opportunities for the AIMCAANA members to interact with each other. To this end, we will be orchestrating an AIMCAANA Retreat at the APPNA Spring Meeting in April 2017 and all of you are welcome to be part of this event (more information to come!!). We will also be helping our membership organize their landmark anniversary (10/15/20/25 year anniversaries, etc.) celebrations as part of the APPNA Summer and Winter meetings from this year onwards.

The above agenda may appear ambitious but is very relevant to our progress as an Alumni association. In the current environment, we need to be united more than ever and I sincerely hope that you will not hesitate in coming together. Please email me regarding any of the committees or activities above.

Yours sincerely,

Saad Z. Usmani, MD FACP

President AIMCAANA 2017