PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE 2018-01-18T04:03:21+00:00

Dear Iqbalians,

It is my honor to serve you this year as President. I want to congratulate Professor Dr. Saad Usmani, who did a wonderful job as AIMCAANA 2017 President. A team of AIMCAANA (including myself) visited Allama Iqbal college campus, Jinnah Hospital, as well as hostels in December 2017. We analyzed the needs of the fellow Iqbalians, patients and administration. Our team has laid out a comprehensive agenda for this year to meet those.

Our team aim to revitalize AIMCAANA, and particularly empower female Iqbalians who are currently underrepresented in the organization. The strength of any organization usually lies with its membership.  The strength of AIMCAANA lies not only with alumni membership, but also more importantly with APPNA membership.  In order to encourage fellow Iqbalians, we have decided to revoke lifetime AIMCAANA membership dues of any Iqbalian, who’ll join APPNA as lifetime member this year. Our membership committee will be working on a comprehensive approach to involve all fellow Iqbalians. A dedicated section is created to motivate female Iqbalians.

Multiple projects have been laid. Our strategy this year, is to formulate a dedicated committee for each project. It will increase the workforce, improve membership, and help us run the projects effectively. We will strengthen the ties with our Citizens Committee in Lahore (PAIWS- Pakistani-American Iqbalians Welfare Society) for prudent utilization of funds and speedy implementation of different welfare projects. We will continue to support ongoing projects including Jinnah Allama Iqbal Diabetes and Endocrinology (JAIDE) unit, free medicines for deserving patients, AIMCAANA MERIT awards to top three under-graduates in each Professional examinations, Research Awards to under-graduates, IQBAL Loan project for post-graduates seeking training in the USA, JHL library maintenance, and chemotherapy infusion center renovation.

A new committee has been nominated to launch telemedicine services at Jinnah Hospital. CME lectures and workshops will be organized back home. Visiting faculty program will be launched for different sub-specialties, including oncology, ICU, and Gastroenterology. An Endoscopy Center of Excellence will be build-up at Jinnah Hospital. We aim to have combined annual AIMCON-AIMCAANA meeting during December in Lahore.  A dedicated committee has been nominated to organize alumni dinner program during 2018 summer APPNA meeting in Dallas. It’ll be held with a new theme. Our communication and publication committee will update the website as well as improve our presence at the social media. We will increase the endowment fund for financial stability of our organization.

Our team invites all fellow Iqbalians to come forward and let us know your suggestions and ideas to help improve our work. Above-mentioned projects are only possible with your support. It is time to give back to our alma mater.

We wish you to have a blessed and productive new year.


Shahzad Iqbal, MD, FASGE
President AIMCAANA 2018