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Dear Iqbalians,




Last year, AIMCAANA took a giant step towards the democratic process. For the first time, since its inception, Iqbalians had a chance to elect Alumni Officers. We should appreciate our senior colleagues for that opportunity. They also have made a lot of efforts to bring Iqbalians on the platform of APPNA.


Our alumni are relatively young. In future, Iqbalians can play a meaningful role with strong alumni. This year, the major task is to increase its membership. We have approximately 700 Iqbalians in USA and only 80 of them are paid members of APPNA & AIMCAANA. We have to reach them and bring them into the folds of our alumni.


There are two types of memberships:


1) Annual Membership: The dues for this membership for AIMCAANA are $50 and for APPNA are $125.


2) Life time Membership: The dues for this membership for AIMCAANA are $500 and for APPNA are $1875.


Please visit APPNA website for details on all types of other memberships. Only the annual and life time members have the advantage to vote or contest for any office in APPNA. Membership application is available online at This year, the last date to become a member and to participate in the election process is March 31st 2008. Join us and strengthen your alumni.


Your suggestions are always very important. Please, remember to share your additional thoughts with us.


With best regards,


Taseer A. Cheema, MD


Chair Membership Committee


Khalique Rehman, MD


Co-Chair Membership Committee


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