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Jinnah-Allama Iqbal Institute Of Diabetes & Endocrinology

This project was inaugurated on November 14, 2009 on the World Diabetic Day after a speedy renovation of existing building in Jinnah hospital by AIMCAANA membership. The institute was also recognized as the accredited endocrinology fellowship site soon after its inauguration, 2nd such accreditation in Pakistan. JAIDE can be instrumental in our goal to promote research activities in the college. The expansion of JAIDE was proposed by the college administration and endorsed by the citizen committee (Now PAIWS).

Jinnah Allama Iqbal Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (JAIDE) has been growing into a center of excellence for patient care and research in Diabetes and Endocrinology. This institute is providing a wide range of services to over 150 diabetic and endocrine patients per day. The Nephrology outdoor also runs under the same roof, serving one hundred patients per day, three days a week.

Following services are provided to the patients at JAIDE:

  1. Consultancy is provided for Diabetes & Endocrinology patients six days a week and for patients with kidney disease, nephrology consultancy is provided 3 days a week.

  2. Free medicines to patients through JHL Pharmacy (subject to availability)

  3. Diabetes Educator services are provided for insulin injection techniques, storage, handling, self monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG), prevention and management of hypoglycemia, target levels and myths and facts about diabetes, etc.

  4. Nutritional counseling is provided for dietary assessment, using carbohydrate “Choices” to Carb Count and serving size.

  5. Foot care assistance is provided for treatment and prevention of corns, callouses and diabetic foot ulcers. Off loading device or customized shoes are recommended for neuropathic foot after pedographic assessment.

  6. Ankle Brachial Index measurement by hand held Doppler ultrasound.

Fellowship program in Diabetes and Endocrinology was commenced soon after establishment of JAIDE. Fellows are inducted after they have done their FCPS Medicine. Currently, fourth batch is in fellowship program.

JAIDE is also providing rotational training in Diabetes and Endocrinology for FCPS medicine residents and post graduate residents not only from Jinnah Hospital but also from Gangaram Hospital and Lahore General Hospital. Postgraduate residents are provided with specialist training in Diabetes and Endocrinology. During their stay in JAIDE, they come across a variety of diabetic and endocrine patients and learn to manage them according to international standards of care.

Endocrine fellows and post graduate medical residents undergo a structured training program at JAIDE.  To meet the objective of state of art training, regular curricular activities are held at JAIDE. This includes case discussion, clinicopathological conference and journal club presentation.

This year JAIDE arranged and conducted an objective and transparent exam for MD Endocrinology program of University of Health Sciences. This was the first ever examination for MD Endocrinology in Punjab.

            To meet the objective of provision of research, various research studies  have been conducted at JAIDE. These research projects are not only conducted by fellows in Endocrinology training; but also by under graduate and post graduate medical and non-medical students from the departments of Medicine, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, B-Pharmacy, Sociology and Psychology at University of Punjab.

Following research projects are completed and accepted for publication:

  • Frequency of celiac disease in type 1 diabetic patients presenting in Jinnah hospital Lahore.

  • Glycemic control of type2 diabetic patients during Ramadan fasting.

  • Dose comparison and side effect profile of metformin extended release versus metformin immediate release.

  • Effect of Improved Periodontal Hygiene on Diabetic Control in Type 2 Diabetics.

  • The use of pioglitazones and the prevalence of bladder cancer in people with type 2 diabetes.

Following research projects are in pipeline:

  • Adrenal insufficiency in Pakistani HIV patients.

  • SLC22A1 (solute carrier) and SLC22A2 gene polymorphisims and response of metaformin in type II Diabetic Patients.

  • Role of Family in maintaining health and well being of diabetes patients.

  • Prevalence and association of risk factors of peripheral arterial disease in type2 diabetics by ankle brachial index.

  • Role of metformin in type1 diabetics.