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“Iqbalian house (Philadelphia, PA) has been utilized young physicians from Allama Iqbal Medical College since 2005. Young Iqbalians had been able to utilize this housing resource, in absence of available online resources or similar mechanism through APPNA. They would use this as temporary housing while finding clinical observorships, research attachments, giving USMLE exams and during residency interviews. It has catered scores of Iqbalians but there was no mechanism of financial support for young Iqbalians. Seeing the benefits, which Iqbalian house is providing to these Iqbalians, AIMCAANA leadership decided to help it in becoming a better and more organized unit. In 2009, AIMCAANA started paying the rent of Iqbalian house in the form of Qarz-e-Hasana. The motive behind paying the rent is to reduce the financial burden of young Iqbalians so that they can concentrate more on exploring the avenues to get into the residency training, which is their primary motive to come to United States. AIMCAANA leadership has also been providing counseling and mentorship to the interested Iqbalians. Now AIMCAANA’s Qarz-e-Hasana program is replaced by IQBAL loan.

It is our pleasure to announce that AIMCAANA has initiated a loan program (IQBAL LOAN) for the deserving young Iqbalians who come to United States in pursuit of residency training/research. The intention of this loan is to reduce their financial burden and reducing one of their major worry so that they can focus more on their exams and other related activities. The awardees may use the Loan amount to partially support their housing, residency applications and interviews. We started to provide IQBAL Loans in 2015 with 4-5 deserving candidates but will be increasing the number to 8-10 young Iqbalians this year!

Our sources are limited but our aims are very high. Our donors have always been very generous and we are very grateful for their contributions. Our commitment is to help as many Iqbalians as we can. We can only do it with the participation of all Iqbalians, especially young Iqbalians. We expect them to start paying back the loan to AIMCAANA no later than the end of first year of residency. We will make sure that the returned money is used for next deserving Iqbalian who needs loan. This way AIMCAANA can continue this project for years to come. AIMCAANA has specified a certain amount of money only for this purpose. We expect that over the course of years this amount will increase and we can broaden our financial help/loan to many more. The small loan program of AIMCAANA is only for deserving Iqbalians only and not for all.  Recently APPNA has announced that it will match up with AIMCAANA for its loan program.

We want to let all Iqbalians know that AIMCAANA is for them and we will always be there to help you. We wish you best of luck!”

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