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Jinnah-Allama Iqbal Institute Of Diabetes & Endocrinology

Endocrinology and diabetes is a relatively new yet important discipline of medicine in Pakistan affecting a large number of patients and encompassing a wide array of metabolic and endocrine diseases. The purpose of Jinnah-Allama Iqbal Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (JAIDE) was to improve the lives of people with diabetes through education, research, and direct patient services.


After the approval of concerned authorities, the building immediately to the right of hospital which used to be known as “Saraay” was designated as the future site for JAIDE. Allama Iqbal Medical College Alumni Association of North America (AIMCAANA) was approached by the Principal AIMC to sponsor the renovation of the building. AIMCAANA executive council approved the project and general membership endorsed the project with donations during the 2009 annual dinner of the alumni in San Francisco. The Citizens Committee completed the initial design work, and bids from multiple contractors were obtained in record time.

Renovation work was started in September and completed in mid November. Due to citizen committee’s keen interest and diligence, the total cost of renovation was 2,076,300 Pak rupees (US $24,718) which was almost a million rupees less than the original estimate.

The building now hosts a consultant suite, ophthalmology suite,Veight private exam rooms, wound care and dressing room, and a large waiting lounge. JAIDE is chaired by Principal Prof.VJaved Akram and staffed by two permanent board certified endocrinologists, certified diabetic educator and foot care ancillary staff, endocrinology fellow and house staff. Visiting faculty include board certified Nephrologists, Dermatologist, Neurologist and Psychiatrist. Visiting surgical faculty included consultant general surgeon, vascular Surgeon and Ophthalmologist. Dr. Zafarullah Choudhary, President College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) inaugurated JAIDE on November 14, 2009 (World Diabetic Day). JAIDE was also recognized as the accredited endocrinology fellowship site soon after its inauguration, second such accreditation in Pakistan so far.

Since its inauguration, the institute has provided a wide range of services to over 200 patients per month. Dr. Mubashar Sultan Hashmi is the first physician to start his endocrinology fellowship at JAIDE after completing his Internal Medicine training.

Two additional fellows will start their training in July after their induction by CPSP. Dedicated endocrine clinic and special endocrine dynamic testing is conducted on every Monday and Thursday. Pharmevo, a Pakistani pharmaceutical company has offered to sponsor a research coordinator and supplies needed by the research cell. The JAIDE address will appear on two peer reviewed publications in the near future. In addition to graduate and postgraduate medical residents, students from departments of Sociology and Psychology at University of Punjab regularly rotate at JAIDE for clinical research activities. Website and software development planning to convert JAIDE into a minimum paper facility is underway. We are thankful to the generosity of AIMCAANA members and will continue to work together for years to come. I hope that with selfless sincere leadership and high aims, AIMCAANA will continue to accomplish several similar projects in Pakistan.


JAIDE Publications:
• A. A. Jawa, J. Akram, M. Sultan, A. Humayoun, and R. Raza. “Vitamin B12 Deficiency is Common in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Not Taking Metformin and is Nutritional in Nature.” Endocrine Practice, March 2010. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 20061275

• A. A. Jawa, M. A. Humayoun, H. Bashir, M. Irfan, M. A.Baig, S. Yasin and J. Akram. “Demographic and Social Profileof Diabetic Patients Presenting at a Tertiary Care OutpatientDiabetes/Endocrine Facility in Lahore, Pakistan.” Jour All Iqb Med Coll March-June 2010 (Accepted for publication).


Message from Dr. Khurram Nazeer
AIMCAANA is honored to be a part of this prestigious project at AIMC. This is an example of how alumni can help its alma mater to achieve new heights in the field of medicine. We believe this project is the beginning of the long journey between AIMC and AIMCAANA. From here we need to collaborate together to make AIMC not only most prestigious medical college in Pakistan but in Asia. We are thankful to the generosity of AIMCAANA members to help accomplish this project. I hope that with selfless and sincere leadership AIMCAANA will aim high and continues to accomplish several similar projects in Pakistan. AIMCAANA is extremely grateful to all members of Citizen Committee, especially Mohammed Aslam Khan, Nazeer Ahmed Choudhry, Brig. (R) Muhammad Akhtar, Abid Rasheed, Dr. Azim Jhangir Khan and Dr. Mansab Ali for their hard work and commitment. We will continue to work together for many new projects in the future and I request the support of the whole alumni in these endeavors.

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