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It is a matter of great pleasure for us to introduce you to the AIMCAANA's Residency Assistance Committee. It is our honor to take this noble responsibility of guiding our young Iqbalians, in every possible way we can, especially those who are actively pursuing residency training in the United States. With each passing year, the quest for residency is getting harder and harder. We believe that with proper guidance and help, the candidates can increase their chances significantly. We cannot guarantee any residency positions but we are committed to guide them through this long and painful process of residency matching program.

As a part of AIMCAANA, we will provide assistance and guidance to Iqbalians at various steps beginning from medical school to exam preparation and securing a residency or research position. Our goal is to establish a platform at our website, which will include information on various issues related to residency that will provide proper guidance to candidates and will facilitate their efforts in obtaining a residency position. This information will include sample Curriculum Vitas, personal statements, cover letters, thank you letters, CS exam preparation guide, mock interviews, IMG friendly programs list and much more. We feel that we have to pay back our alma mater Allama Iqbal Medical College because where we stand now is because of our education and degree. Our focus will be the 2010 residency match. We have asked all Iqbalians to come forward and join hands with AIMCAANA and help us in achieving our goals.

We are sure that all of you have been doing a great job by helping their fellow Iqbalians but through AIMCAANA your efforts will be more streamlined and more Iqbalians can be benefited. Those busy in their residencies or have completed training in United States, just remember your time when you were in similar situation and needed help. We have started working on GIN (Global Iqbalian Network) date base project and have collected substantial data of Iqbalians from all over the world especially in USA. We have made representatives in each session who are actively workon collection of data. We request that all Iqbalians send us their information so that not only you can find your long lost friend but also we can guide our young Iqbalians in a better way. We assure you that your information will not be misused.

AIMCAANA is well aware of various problems faced by new comers to US. Of those, the biggest two are financial and accommodation problems. AIMCAANA has also established a platform for providing financial support to those Iqbalians who meet the criteria. As far as the accommodation is concerned, AIMCAANA is supporting the Iqbalian House in Philadelphia since May 1st, 2009 so that more and more Iqbalians can be accommodated over there. We will also arrange for accommodation at other places if our resources permit. At the end, we would like to thank our AIMCAANA leadership who has helped and encouraged us in establishing this committee. We also want to thank our committee members and advisors who are managing to give us time out of their busy schedules. We pray to Allahthat they get the reward for their services.


Shahram Malik, MD and Bilal Ayub, MD

Shahram AIMC 2002 is a Family Medicine PGY III resident at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN and will be joining Mountain View Regional Medical center as Hospitalist in Norton VA. He can be reached at

Bilal AIMC 2003 is a PGY III Internal Medicine and Chief Rresident at Abingdon Memorial Hospital Abingdon PA and can be contacted at


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