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Dear Iqbalians, 

I am glad to report that AIMCAANA has achieved most of its goals set for the year 2008. It has successfully reached to over 700 Iqbalians residing in USA and many of whom are now actively involved in different activities of AIMCAANA. Some of the achievements are as below:


1-     AIMCAANA website was updated and many new features were added. Payments could be made online using paypal.


2-     AIMCAANA blast email system was developed that is now reaching more than 500 Iqbalians and has played an important role in communicating with the membership.


3-     AIMCAANA Connection was published, first ever AIMCAANA publication, and was well perceived by not only Iqbalians but also by other APPNA members. Tahir Latif, Wasique Mirza, Javed Akbar and Taseer Cheema did a wonderful job in this initiative.


4-     AIMCAANA elections were held through mail ballot and both candidates and voters demonstrated high level of morality and respect for each other. My special thanks to Atique Mirza and his team in this important matter.


5-     AIMCAANA annual summer meeting had the highest ever attendance and around 175 Iqbalians and their families shared old memories with each other. Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan was the keynote speaker and ignited old memories when his older brother Dr Ijaz Ahsan was the principal of AIMC.


6-     AIMCAANA also arranged a social forum in collaboration with DOGANA featuring Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, Honorable Ambassador Hussain Haqqani, Lisa Curtis (Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation) and Anis Haroon (Director, Aurat Foundation). This was a memorable moment in APPNA history as first time two alumni associations worked together to arrange an event. I am positive that this trend will continue to flourish in future. Social forum was well attended and was essentially the highlight of the APPNA 2008 summer meeting, Washington, DC. Khurram Nazir and Imran Mirza played a vital role in the arrangements and success of this event. Hopefully the historians will mention the role Iqbalians played in the restoration of judiciary in our land of birth Pakistan.


7-     AIMCAANA Endowment fund was established and has reached $50,000 that was more than our expectations. Fundraising was also done for the scholarship fund for the medical students at AIMC who require financial assistance. I am proud to report that my fellow Iqbalians opened their hearts for both of these projects and pledged around $95,000 and almost 80% of these pledges have been fulfilled to this date. I will like to mention Humera Qamar, Asad Qamar, Naeem Tahirkheli and Imran Bajwa for their generous contributions to this fund.


8-     AIIMCAANA loan program is being established to assist Iqbalians who are seeking training in US and need financial assistance. Similarly scholarship fund received generous contributions from the membership and will be distributed soon. AIMCAANA house where many Iqbalians are residing while pursing their careers was reached out and a plan is underway for their assistance.


9-     AIMCAANA has moved its bank accounts to Chicago under APPNA in compliance with the guidelines sent by central APPNA. This will result in better and timely accounting and auditing for APPNA as we use its tax id number. It will also result in smooth transition when AIMCAAN A leadership switches every year.


10- AIMCAANA in collaboration with AIMC Principal Professor Javed Akram and other faculty members arranged and actively participated in an educational conference titled as AIMCON at AIMC from Dec 21 to 24 this year. Educational lectures and workshops focusing on different specialties were arranged. APPNA CME meeting was held at AIMC on Dec 22, 2008 and was well appreciated by the medical students and house staff. Principal Javed Akram is very dedicated to the cause of Iqbalians and is very accessible and cooperative.


11- AIMCAANA supervised the elections of local Iqbalians alumni at the request of Principal, AIMC. We were really impressed by the spirit and dedication of our fellow Iqbalians who elected their representatives in a very democratic fashion. Each one of them was selfless and passionate about the cause of our Alma mater. Azim Jehangir (founding member of AIMCAANA who has moved to Lahore) was elected as president. Rashid Saeed (Vice President), Zafar Iqbal Gill (secretary) and Dawood Ahmad (treasurer) were the other elected officers.


12- AIMCAANA leadership also held a meeting with the Principal and faculty to discuss different ways where we could assist and pay back to AIMC. We also held a separate meeting with around fifty fellow Iqbalians from all over the Lahore who were serving in different capacities ranging from house officers to professors in various hospitals of Lahore. Their enthusiasm and input was very valuable and they also appreciated the interest of AIMCAANA in the betterment of AIMC.


13- AIMCAANA leadership interacted with medical students, patients and faculty independently of AIMC administration to have an unbiased assessment of the reality on ground. Raza Khan, Sajid choudhary and Asifa Malik were kind enough to take time out of their hectic schedules to assist us in this matter. We will present a detailed report during our annual meeting in San Francisco inshallah.


14- AIMCAANA is also planning to adopt few projects at AIMC including a model diabetic center with a multidisciplinary team approach to tackle this important ailment. AIMCAANA will donate audience response system for 200 students so that they could actively participate in the lectures.


15- Last but most importantly AIMCAANA has developed a team of dedicated volunteers this year who will continue to assist future leaderships in fulfilling our plight to reach higher and higher levels with each passing year.


I am sure that this year AIMCAANA will move one step further under the able leadership of Rizwan Akhtar who is a dedicated person and has served this organization as a foot soldier since its inception.  I am truly appreciative to membership on giving me an opportunity to serve AIMCAANA and its membership as President. I will also request everyone to pardon me for any shortcomings or any unfulfilled promise. In the end, I am really thankful to all the Iqbalians who have played a vital role in our achievements and without their love and devotion we would not have reached our goals. I am looking forward to see you guys in San Francisco on July 4, 2009 during our annual meeting. Remember once Iqbalian, Iqbalian forever.


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