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Raza Khan, MD
President AIMCAANA 2015
Dear members of AIMCAANA 
Asalaam o Alikum,
Greetings, to all of you.
We are starting the year 2015, representing our beloved alumni association.
Member of the Executive Council met last week to assess the state of our association. Everybody is excited to take the responsibility of running AIMCAANA and extremely thankful for your confidence to give us a chance to serve the association this year.
It has been our tradition to be a rather small but vibrant association, which has left its mark in the way, a lot of projects are being run in APPNA now.
We reviewed our current projects and made an assessment of the potential new endeavors that might be feasible to start this year. We have an approval from IRS and tax exempt status of our own. This will facilitate our efforts to meet our philanthropic goals.
I would like to hear from you any suggestions, critique and feedback that you might have to guide us through this process.
Annual meeting is scheduled for August 2015. Please try to attend the meeting. If you know of any Iqbalians, who have not attended the meeting so far, please encourage them to do so. We can make things happen when we work together.
We discussed the possibility of having our retreat for AIMCAANA this year. If you have any suggestions and thoughts regarding this matter please convey them to us.
Looking forwards to work with all of you.
Raza Khan
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