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Upon assuming the responsibility as a President of AIMCANNA, I want to thank all the members for Asif Mahmoodreposing trust upon my abilities. It's my great privilege and honor to take the charge of AIMCAANA as a president for year 2014. I am confident that I would be able to continue the great work carried out by the earlier presidents and make the organization even better through incorporating innovative ideas of my fellow Iqbalians and all others colleagues who are involved in this good work. I am sure we will continue many projects along with launching of new projects:
AIMCAANA welfare fund.
This project was launched late last year. AIMCAANA is planning to generate One million dollars this year, Insha Allah. We are already working closely with PWS AIMC to spend this fund. As AIMCAANA is working under umbrella of APPNA which has 501-3C status so charity and zakat will be tax deductible, work is in progress and hopefully this year AIMCAANA will have it's own 501-3C status. Our next target will be supplying lifesaving drugs to Emergency department at Jinnah Hospital. There is huge demand for medicines in OPD at Jinnah Hospital.
Ongoing development and up gradation of chemotherapy suites.
We have already communicated about ten chemotherapy chairs being shipped to Jinnah Hospital and arranging more to further augment the capacity to accommodate more patients. AIMCAANA is in touch with the great Iqbalians to arrange more medical equipment's, e.g.Ventilator/CPR carts.
As we know better communication is the key towards the success of any joint venture. AIMCAANA is determined to reach out each and every individual Iqbalian here in our adopted homeland as well as all over the globe. Our communication division soon will be in touch with you. We are in the process of updating our website and date base. Executive council is interested in engaging other Iqbalians Alumni, as you know, together we can make the difference.
Life time membership.
AIMCAANA is aggressively working on increasing lifetime members and our target this year to add at least 400 new life time members, Insha Allah.
Education and scholarly activities.
2013 was really promising year in terms of helping young Iqbalians to earn externship/observer ships and research electives. We will continue this effort to further help Iqbalians.
Iqbalians mega retreat.
I think this is the right time to have a memorable get to gather. There is work in progress. Stay tuned.
AIMCAANA will continue to support Iqbalians house, JAIDE, Qarze Hasna, credential verification services, arranging visiting faculty programs.
Last but not least I would like to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of citizen committee and its role in improving our working as a coherent group. We will not be able to accomplish any of our goals without their help.
At the end I will request all the Iqbalians to support AIMCAANA in achieving these goals. Remember "Iqbalians once Iqbalians forever"
Asif Mahmood. MD
President AIMCAANA 2014.
Iqbalians once Iqbalians forever
Here are the committees for the 2014.
Asif Mahmood (Chair)
Faiqa Chaudry 
Hasan Naqvi 
Fazleomar Mahmood
Hamza Rana
Muneer Ahmad Kham
Mudassar Saleemi
Anwar Hasan Randhawa
Ehtsham Haq (Chair)
Babar Cheema
Atique Mirza
Naeem Tahirkheli
Hasan Jafri
Sajid Choudhary
Intekhab Ahmad (Chair)
Ateeq Rehman
Humera Qamar
Fazal Ahmad
Ashar Chanan Khan
Aziz U Khan
Mohammad Ali
Batool K
Atique A. Mirza (Chair)
Jalil Khan
Umar Asdaq Khan
Atif Saleem Qureshi
Muhammad Asad
Taqueer Yasin (Chair)
Hasan Jaffri
Fazal Ahmad
Nadeem Haider
Sajid Chaudhary (Chair)
Ehtsham Haq (Cochair
Furrakh Adami
Khadim Hussain
Tahir Latif
Babar Cheema
Asif Mahmood
Asif Mahmood.
Zareen Babar
Hamza Rana
Ateeq Rehman
Sibte Haider
Nusrum Iqbal (Chair)
Faiqa Chaudary
Sujood Ahmad
Asad Qamar
Waqar Syed
Abid Hussain
Humera Qamar
Babar Cheema (Chair)
Imtiaz Khurshid
Raza Khan
Asif Mahmood
Sajid Choudary
Khurram Nazeer
Asifa Malik
Muneer A. Khan
Nasir Ahmad
Bilal Ayub
Imran Ameer
Shahram Malik (Chair)
Hasan Naqvi (Co-chair)
M. Hassan Majeed
Ibrahim Raza Pasha
Tahir Latif
Imran Mirza
Babar Cheema
Jahanzeb Riaz
Mohammad Tehseen
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