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The strength of any organization usually lies with its membership.  The strength of AIMCAANA lies not only with alumni membership, but also more importantly with APPNA membership.  In order to encourage fellow Iqbalians, we have decided to revoke lifetime AIMCAANA membership dues of any Iqbalian, who’ll join APPNA as lifetime member this year. Our committee will create database of all Iqbalians in the USA and encourage them to join AIMCAANA and APPNA.

Dr. Ghulam Abbas, MD

Dr. Hamid Yaqoob, MD
Dr. Shaheryar Ali Jafri, MD
Dr. Saba Batool Mirza, MD

This committee monitors current welfare projects at AIMC-JHL. AIMCAANA currently accomplishes these projects via Citizens Committee in Lahore (PAIWS- Pakistani-American Iqbalians Welfare Society) for prudent utilization of funds and speedy implementation. We also aim to bring new social projects in the field of health and education that we can accomplish in the Pakistan and across the USA

Chair/President PAIWS:
Muhammad Aslam Khan

Ghulam Abbas, MD

Dr. Qalb Abbas, MD
Dr. Javeria Sahab Din, MD

The committee will make recommendations to give need-based loans to deserving Iqbalians on merit. Loan recipients will use the money to support their exam fees, match-related travel, and waiting time in the USA needed to secure their residencies. The committee will make suggestions for easy conditions to return the loans but recipients should keep mind that the money must be returned to assist needy Iqbalian applicants in the future.

Muhammad Hassan Majeed, MD

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Imran, MD
Dr. Muhammad Hassan Bashir, MD
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza, MD
Dr. Usman Sarwar, MD
Dr. Shahid Rashid, MD
Dr. Qalab Abbas Khan, MD

AIMCAANA launched ‘Merit Scholarship Program’ was 2017. The top three Iqbalians from each professional MBBS examinations are awarded a medal along with certificate and scholarship (gold $300, silver $250, bronze $200).  In addition, research money awards and certificates are distributed to top presenters each year. Our committee aims to continue and further promote different academic and research activities at AIMC.

Ariba Khan, MD, MPH
Clinical Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine
Aurora Health Care
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Milwaukee WI

Dr. Ariba Khan, MD

Dr. Saad Z. Usmani, MD

Chemotherapy infusion suite was established and has been maintained since 2011 to give outpatient chemotherapy treatments to all patients in safe and comfortable environment in the oncology department of Jinnah hospital. We shipped several chemotherapy chairs to Jinnah Hospital through university of Cincinnati and arranging more to further augment the capacity to accommodate more patients.

Dr. Raza Khan, MD

Dr. Saad Z. Usmani, MD
Tahir Latif, MD

Our communication and publication committee will update the website as well as improve our presence at the social media. An online newsletter will be published on yearly basis to inform our membership of AIMCAANA activities and different welfare projects.

Dr. Shahram Malik, MD

Dr. Amer Nazir, MD
Dr. Tahir Latif, MD

The Goals of this committee are:

  • Streamline ongoing and Approve new projects

  • Organize Annual Fundraiser

  • Increase Endowment Fund

Dr. Asif Mahmood, MD

Dr. Babar Cheema, MD

This committee will review and maintain AIMCAANA Constitution and Bylaws. It’ll also help resolve any ethical and grievance issues.

Dr. Atique Mirza, MD

Dr. Babar Cheema, MD
Tahir Latif, MD

As part of the committee, we will introduce new opportunities for Iqbalians living in US to interact and join AIMCAANA. We are confident that with out enthusiastic team, we will do our best to bring new and interesting ideas to make our meetings well attended and successful.

Our goal is to reach out to every Iqbalian living in North America to join us at Summer meeting in Dallas on Friday, July 7th, 2018.

Dr. Sohail Sarwar, MD

Mohammad Hassan Majeed
Saad Usmani
Shahram Malik

Recent advances in technology and connectivity are leading the way towards a new worldwide revolution. Effective utilization of such provides enhanced opportunities for health promotion, education and collaboration. The goal of this committee is to connect Allama Iqbal Medical College and Jinnah Hospital Lahore with the rest of the world. We will be taking small steps towards greater and larger goals. I am truly excited to be a part of this endeavor to provide world-class clinical feedback for our Jinnah Hospital patients. Furthermore with the establishment of regular educational channels with our US physicians, Jinnah Hospital and Allama Iqbal will gain exceptional experience and understanding, which will help promote educational excellence. We look forward to realizing the targets and vision set by the AIMCAANA leadership. We appreciate your prayers and support and feel free to contact us with your valuable feedback and recommendations.

Dr. Umer Khan, MD

Dr Nadeem Butt
Dr Mansab Ali
Dr Hasan Farooq

The ‘USMLE journey’ is indeed, a true journey. It surely starts with a Step 1 and Step 2, but does not climax there.  There are many other crucial ‘steps’, steps that require your diligence and persistence. United States Clinical Experience or USCE is a huge part of this whole journey that exposes you to the clinical set up inside the US or in simple words, ‘how things work’ in US. It gives you an opportunity to interact with people in medical field, thus, providing you with a chance to enhance your social circle here. It includes clinical electives at the under-grad level and observorships/externships and research at post-grad level. And all these add up to being the pivotal steps on your road to residency. So naturally, you want the foundation to be strong and indomitable. Having undertaken this journey myself, I realize what the aspirations and hopes of all the students are and I shall try my very best to help all the young Iqbalians embarking on this journey. Bon voyage!

Abu Hurairah, MD
Gastroenterology Fellow
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Department of Medicine
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Abu Hurairah, MD

Dr. Uqba Khan, MD (Heme/Onc Fellow St John Hospital, MI)
Dr. Sajid Farooq, MD (Pulm critical care Fellow at UMKC)
Dr. Muhammad Hassan Bashir, MD (GI Fellow SUNY Downstate)
Dr. Asad Javed, MD (PGY 2 Good Samaritan Hospital, Ohio)

Assalam o Alaikum everyone,

I have been given the responsibility of leading a committee named Visiting Faculty committee AIMC, Pakistan.

The purpose and goal of the committee is to arrange physicians from different specialities  to go back and work in Allama Iqbal Medical college for 1-2 weeks and bring a positive change in the health care system of Pakistan. We can also train the trainers and this will bring a good change in the patient care and medical education system .

Background: During recent visit to Pakistan, AIMCANA team met with Principal Dr Rashid Zia, a philanthropist Mr Gohar Ijaz, and some of the faculty member of AIMC. They expressed their wishes to us to come here in AIMC on a regular basis and work here the way we do in US. They offered us financial support like traveling support as well as stipend which I don’t consider a reasonable gesture from our side to ask for financial support.  We assured them that we would form a team of visiting faculty who would come and rotate here on a regular basis and maintain continuity.  So, I discussed the matter with our leadership of AIMCANA and fellow Iqbalians from my session 95 who showed great support for the cause. Special thanks to Shahzad Iqbal for accepting the proposal.

Besides working , this committee will also establish telemedicine and lectures online. Will try to build one of the medical ward according to the current standards.

Nusrum Iqbal, MD FACP
Sound physicians
At St Joseph’s Hospital , Tucson AZ

Usman Nasir Khan, MD

Committee Members:
Munawar Ali, MD
Imran Azam Mirza, MD
Immad Sadiq, MD
Bilal Ahmed,MD
Afsar Khan, MD
Kashaf Sherafgan, MD
Adeel Ijaz Butt, MD
Sohail Sarwar, MD
Fazl e Omar, MD

The message and goal of our committee is to help AIMC/Jinnah Hospital endoscopy unit provide improved services to their patients. Currently the unit appears to be in dismal shape. Not only is there a dire need of endoscopy equipment, accessories etc., there is extreme shortage of proper endoscopy training. Even though the Jinnah hospital is recognized as a post-graduate training institute, there is no proper arrangement of providing training to the current as well as the next generation of gastroenterologists.

Through this platform we intend to help them by providing endoscopy equipment (need to arrange donations) but more importantly train the trainers by visiting and giving hands on training, holding workshops, online lectures and videos and also providing them observorships opportunities in USA.

I will be visiting Jinnah hospital in February and after seeing the unit and meeting the staff will get better idea about the next step.

Muhammad K. Hasan, M.D.
Director, Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship
Center for Interventional Endoscopy
Florida Hospital Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapy

Muhammad Khalid Hassan, MD

Dr. Ali Siddiqui, MD
Dr. Shahzad Iqbal, MD

A dedicated section has been created for females. It can be used for social activities and networking.

Dr. Aneeqa Lone, MD
Dr. Asma Khan, MD
Dr. Fauzia Zubair, MD
Dr. Mahvish Amer
Dr. Ariba Khan, MD

This committee will coordinate the yearly process of nominations and elections for the AIMCAANA executive council positions.

Dr. Atique Mirza, MD

President: Mr. Muhammad Aslam Khan

Sr. Vice President: Ch. Nazeer Ahmad

Vice President: Mr. Abid Rasheed

General Secretary: Prof. Dr. Mansab Ali

Joint Secretary: Mr. Suhail Warraich

Finance Secretary: Mr. Muhammad Saleem

Information Secretary: Mr. Shazad Razzaq

Executive Member: Dr. Hassan Farooq